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1.6 & 2.6 Million Club

The 1,6 Million Club is a non-profit women's health organization that was founded in 1998 by Alexandra Charles, president ever since. She was inspired by the cardiologist, Karin Schenck-Gustafsson, and gynaecology professor, Britt-Marie Landgren, who could both tell of just how male-dominated the field of research was, and how women were discriminated against within the health care sector. With the purpose of improving and creating equal research and healthcare, and in order to spread objective information, the 1,6 Million Club was established. The name came about because at the time, there were 1,6 million women over 45 years of age in Sweden.

Ten years later, the 2,6 Million Club was established for younger women, from 25 years and upwards. The 1,6 and 2,6 Million Clubs share the same objective, and anybody over the age of 18 is welcome as a member in the association (including men).

Information and opinions

The association’s goal is to be educators and opinion leaders, providing information on everything related to women's health. We are involved in healthcare, lifestyle issues, women's situation on the labour market, immigrant women’s situation, the environment, economy, and not least culture, which is an important part of health.

By creating public opinion and putting pressure on authorities, politicians and scientists, the 1,6 & 2,6 Million Clubs want to create a healthier society with increased health awareness and enjoyment of life for women of all ages. Taking into account the biological, physiological and pharmacological differences between women and men is important, which is why we also support the Centre for Gender Medicine at Karolinska Institutet.

The 1,6 & 2,6 Million Clubs have about 22,000 members, which makes us one of the country's largest non-political women's associations. We publish a magazine, books, calendars, and we organise around 40 seminars and political hearings per year. In addition, we organize trips, excursions and sports and cultural events.

Read more about how to become a member and what a membership entails.



  • Spread objective information on women's health issue
  • Introduce the female perspective into medical research and education
  • Promote better care and knowledge of preventive care
  • Promote a holistic vision related to women's health; our bodies and souls go together.


  • The gender perspective shall be a compulsory part of medical research and education
  • Influence decision-makers in the public sector to allocate resources to research on women's diseases
  • Better healthcare, geriatric care, and rehabilitation
  • Build women's health organizations in other countries
  • Strengthen women's position as a
    - social and purchasing resource
    - culture carrier
  • Strive to establish women's health centres


Medical expertise and cooperation partners

We have a medical expert group (in Swedish) affiliated to us. They review the information sent to our members, and contribute with knowledge about the latest findings. They also review all medical articles in our member magazines and on our website.

In addition, we have tied several cooperation partners (in Swedish) to us.


The Women & Health Foundation

We need more research done if we are to find answers to the mystery of various diseases, and this invaluable research is only partly state-funded.
For this reason, the foundation for Women & Health has been established, raising money for the benefit of scientific research on women’s specific health phenomena and/or problems.

Issues close to the heart for Women & Health are:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Alzheimer's research
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer
  • Mental illness


The Women & Health Foundation also focuses on broader topics related to in-depth female life, for example, research on problems with relatives, and children with learning difficulties. What they have in common is that areas where the research is funded by Women & Health always is about improving women's health and their living conditions.

Areas that Women & Health cherish are always about improving health and living conditions for all women.

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