New Year’s Resolution

Dear friends,
What an exciting and turbulent year we have had!

Times are changing. Many people have left their countries, due to war, terror and violence, and are homeless in new strange situations, without roof over their head or even somewhere to sleep.

1.6 wanted to reach out a helping hand to these people and decided to send the surplus from our Christmas concert to UNHCR’s aid to refugees.

To work with women’s health means having compassion for each other and to show that we care.

We will continue to spread knowledge, educate and also inspire women through culture, lifestyle, and of course, encourage an active life with for example more dancing and singing!

We need each other. Let us support all women, and also include the men in our work for equal rights in society, in all areas.

Our sister organization in Cape Town, South Africa, has had a very successful start thanks to Lillian Masebenza and Mhani Gingi. Norway is doing great, with many interesting seminars, Finland and Denmark are slowly but surely building up their organizations and Germany is having a comeback.

My wish is that all countries in our family would have a Female Heart campaign, like the one we run in Sweden, Woman in Red, ideally in March, but any time is a great time.

The number one killer of both men and women is heart disease.

Our goal is to get more medical research, and increase the help to recover or even avoid getting heart disease.

In order to support medical research we raise money and give out scholarships.

The concept of the events in the campaign Woman in Red is straightforward; lectures on different heart problems, food for your heart, lifestyle tips, mixed with culture, singing, music, dance, perhaps even a fashion show.

The symbol, a red high heel shoe-pin, can be sold to raise money, and each country can decide how to support medical research on the female heart. Woman in Red!

For me, personally, this has been a great year. I was invited to speak on the X-TED talks from Gotland in July, I received the Kings medal in June, and in November I was invited to participate in the program “Köttberget checks out”, representing the generation born in the 1940s, which was broadcasted by one of Sweden’s major TV channels, SVT1.

If we look ahead, what would you like us to focus on during 2016?

Maybe we should start by asking each other to come up with suggestions?

For our chairmen in our five sister organizations, plus the Network in St Petersburg and Brussels, I would like to suggest a meeting in Stockholm in June, if that would be of interest.

Take good care and I hope you will enjoy a Wonderful Christmas holiday! Lots of good wishes and great success, for the New Year!

Yours truly,
Alexandra Charles

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Alexandra Charles

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