Alexandra Charles

Alexandra Charles
Alexandra Charles

In the public eye, Alexandra Charles is best known for Alexandra’s, the disco that she established and successfully ran for over 20 years as Sweden's first international night club, with a subsidiary on Barbados. Today, Alexandra’s heart beats for women's health issues and equal research and care through the 1.6 & 2.6 Million Clubs.

In 1997, Alexandra established the non-profit women's health organization, the 1.6 Million Club. The inspiration came from the cardiologist (later Director of the Centre for Gender Medicine), Karin Schenck-Gustafsson, and gynaecology professor, Britt-Marie Landgren, who could both tell of just how male-dominated the field of research was, and how women were discriminated against within the healthcare sector.

In order to improve women's quality of life based on good health, Alexandra invited a number of famous women to a ladies’ dinner, where they listened to the professors who spoke about the unequal treatment and research.

With one voice, they began to spread information about the unbalanced research. They started the 1.6 Million Club for women's health and equal healthcare and research. The name came about because at the time, there were 1.6 million women over 45 years of age in Sweden. The association grew rapidly and attracted a lot of attention. Alexandra and the 1.6 Million Club have received several awards, including the National Encyclopaedia's Knowledge Awards "for its work to spread objective information about women's health issues and promote a holistic vision regarding women's health issues."

As of 2008, younger women from 25 years upwards are included in the 2.6 Million Club, working for the same objective. Alexandra Charles is the president of the 1.6 & 2.6 Million Clubs and works full time, and more, with the spreading of the association's message.

Today, the association has more than 30,000 members. All over Sweden, there are networks of women and ambassadors, representing the association locally. The 1.6 Million Club also has sister associations in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Russia, and the latest addition – South Africa. Together, they create a strong voice for women's health through life, all over the world.

Alexandra participates in many different situations in society, where women's physical and mental health are discussed. She is also an ambassador for “Star for Life”, a training program in South Africa, Namibia, and Sri Lanka.

For her community efforts and work within women's health, Alexandra has received several awards, such as St. Erik’s Medal and the Pro Patria medal.

Since 1986, Alexandra has published three books. Alexandra on the Rocks (with co-writer, Lotta Lewenhaupt), Festboken [The Party Book], (with co-writer, Magdalena Ribbing) and the 2013 autobiography, Livet är en dröm – [Life is a dream] (with co-writer Åsa Mattsson).

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Alexandra Charles

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